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What are click tags and how do you insert them in Creative Manager

This article goes through what click tags are and how you can apply them easily in Creative Manager

A click tag is the same as a landing page. 

When creating your banner the banner needs a landing page leading the "viewer" to a specific page when they click on the banner.

For you to add a click tag go to your banner and find "General content". Then you are able to enter the URL you would like to redirect to. If you are running a campaign with certain products you can e.g. link to the product so it's quick and easy to... let's say 🤔... buy the product? 😎

You can use UTM tracking in your link. Simply add it to your click tag in the Creative Manager.

OBS: If you are displaying your banners in Google Ads you don't have to add a click tag, as you need to add the click tag yourself when uploading banners in Google Ads. 

What to do, if the click tag is not working correctly?

Try to clear your cash in Chrome follow this guide

Happy building 👏