Build your own unique template

The smartest and fastest way to build unique templates.

This is how you can build banners using templates inside Zuuvi

Building HTML5-templates inside Zuuvi is based on three simple different methods. Choose the one that fits you the most.
1: Build your unique template inside Zuuvi Studio
2: Customise our Standard Templates so it matches your brand
3: Let our designers build your unique templates

Build your unique templates inside Zuuvi Studio

This is the most popular way to produce high-quality banners. Studio is a professional tool that enables you to produce templates with a drag and drop builder. You can get access to Studio if you're a Zuuvi user and want to build banners and templates from scratch. Building HTML5-banner templates should be simple and fast.
Therefore if you want to build banner templates inside Studio, simply reach out to us through our chat down in the right corner then we will give you access.
When you've built your template inside Studio you can simply import that to the Zuuvi App.

This is why using templates is smart

Building banners to either your display advertising or social media will give you some repeatable work. Therefore we have built smart templates that are a sergeant way the banner animate. Inside the Zuuvi App, you can edit and customize your template with unique images, colors, and move elements. When you're done easily export your unique banner to your preferred media.