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How do I change the length of my ad?
How do I change the length of my ad?

This article explains how to change the length of an ad whilst working in Studio

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There are two ways to change the length of an Ad when working in Studio. You can either make the change under Template settings or directly in your timeline.

Template settings

1. Click on "Template Settings" in the right-side menu.

2. Enter the desired length of the ad into the field where it says "Loop at:".

Move the grey pin

1. It's also possible to adjust the length of an ad by moving the grey pin in your timeline. When the ad is played, it will automatically loop once it reaches the pin.

2. Keep in mind that the length can not be set to shorter than the last animation (e.g. if the last animation finished at 10 seconds, the banner cannot loop at 9 seconds) .

Happy building! 🌈

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