The beginner's guide to CTA

How do you increase the possibility of the consumer to click on your CTA? This is a beginners introduction to CTA and how to improve it

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CTA stands for Call To Action and refers to the button on your website or HTML5 banner, that guides your user closer to conversion. On your HTML banner, CTA is a crucial part of getting the consumer to your landing page.


When creating a CTA-button the text is very limited, but that does not make it unimportant! The text in the CTA is your opportunity to encourage the user to enter your landing page and hereby improve the change of conversion.

The text should be a natural reflection of your landing page. Do you advocate for people to sign up to your newsletter, then the text could be “sign up here!” and the CTA-link should guide the user to a sign-up page.


The color of your CTA is an important tool when working with banners. The color of the CTA button should catch your consumers’ attention.

When deciding the color of your CTA it can be a great advantage to take a look at the complementary colors. Choose a color that is complementary to your banner colors. If you are using blue nuances, try to take a red color for the CTA and vice versa. This will create attention to the CTA button.


CTA should guide the user to the correct landing page, if not the CTR will drop. The CTA should be easy to find, try to make in a different color, this will increase the chance of a user to notice it. And encourge your consumer to act. I stead of writing “Get Started” write “Get Started Now!”

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