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How do I add a background color?
How do I add a background color?

This article will go through how you can add a background color in Studio.

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Start by going to Studio and either create a new template or go into an existing template. Hereafter,

  1. Click on "Rectangle" in your left-hand menu

  2. Go into the right-hand menu under "Edit" and "Transform"

    1. Here you have the option to:

      1. Change the dimensions of the rectangle in the W and H space

      2. Change the color by clicking on the little square at the bottom where you can write your HEX code to get the color just right

        Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 13.46.52
  3. When you have customised the background to fit your design you are done - good job πŸŽ‰

As it can be easier to see the steps in action to understand the workflow we have made a video where we go through the steps:

A good way to create a more manageable layer overview is to name your layers, go to this article to see how and build the best manageable layer overview πŸ˜„

Happy Building πŸ˜„

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