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What are responsive banners? pros and cons?
What are responsive banners? pros and cons?

This article will go through what responsive banners are and their pros and cons. Moreover what value you will get out of responsive ads?

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So what are responsive banners you might ask? Well, in short, responsive display banners are ads that automatically adjust in size, appearance, and format to fit the available ad slots they will appear on. This means that the same responsive banner can appear as a small ad in one place e.g. a phone screen and if you are bought into a larger ad slot then the ad will simply scale up to fit those dimensions.

Thereby the beauty of responsive display ads is their ability to fit almost any ad space across the display network (as seen in the wonderful GIF below).

The big pro of responsive ads is Broader reach as your ads will automatically adjust their size to fit - no more fixed formats. Moreover, responsive banners play into risk-minimizing as they e.g. will scale up if it is to appear in a larger ad slot.

The absolute best use case for responsive ads are top scroll and skins/wallpapers, where Adnarmi have some best practice on how to set up and work with those types of banners:

  • Recommended banner weight is under 3.5 MB to avoid Heavy add limitations which can result in the ad being removed from the browser

  • If you add a video ensure it is MP4

Moreover, on a practical level, responsive display ads consist of the following:

  • A short heading (25 characters)

  • A longer heading (90 characters)

  • A description (90 characters)

  • Your company name (25 characters)

๐Ÿ‘† The banner is responsive in width but not height, so when you open your index file it will scale up but no worries because when you upload it to e.g. Adnami they will "wrap" it so it fits the right format dimensions

Want to learn more about Zuuvi's responsive banner tool, then check out the newest feature page.

Happy building of responsive banners ๐Ÿคฉ

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