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How do I add a pulse effect to my CTA button?
How do I add a pulse effect to my CTA button?

This article will show you the easy way to add a pulse effect to your CTA button.

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Let me show you a nice and easy guide to creating an eye-catching CTA button:

  1. Go to studio

  2. Click on your CTA layer

  3. Go into "Effects" in the right-hand menu

  4. Add the "Pulse" effect

  5. Pull on the animation in your layer menu to determine the speed of the animation

  6. And Voila you have done itπŸš€

We have also made a little video visualizing the steps!

The CTA button is eye-cathing to collect more clicks, see here how you add it. But remember, that it doesn't matter where on the ad you're clicking when it's live. You'll still be redirected to the landing page.
​Psst....If you want to add a little extra to our CTA button see this article. ✨

Happy animating πŸ˜„

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