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How do I edit my image?
How do I edit my image?

This article tells you how to both edit and compress your images. This can be used for both Manager and Studio.

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Start by adding your image - then you're ready to edit! πŸš€

  1. Click on the image you would like to edit

  2. In the menu on the right click on "Edit image"

  3. Then you see a pop-up window with the image

  4. On the left side, you have the menu where you can: resize, crop, and fine-tune (Description below)πŸ‘‡

  5. When editing the image click "Done" in the upper right corner.

OBS! If you need the KB of the image to be lower, you can compress the image by using the slider for "File size"


You can by typing in the dimension at the bottom, and resize the format to the specific format you need. You can even lock it by clicking on the padlock. This also helps you keep the dimensions when cropping the image. This leads us to the cropping feature! πŸ‘‡


The cropping feature lets you pinpoint a specific area on the image you want to show on your banner - or crop it to specific shapes. Or you can flip or rotate your image.


When pointing out the area you can fine-tune your image by changing brightness, contrast, gamma, etc to achieve the best design for your image.

Happy building! πŸ‘

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